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Rumor has it that the second young master Feng is cruel and inhumane, and rumor has it that he even paid for a wife. She thought every day how to make this husband disgust herself and get out as soon as possible. But who knew that such a man would have... The night was tantalizing, and it was dark and still. The hot picture is playing on the LCD screen, and the charming voice of a woman is ringing through Su Xiaowan's ears. She desperately wants to ignore it. Today is her wedding night! There was no wedding, no marriage certificate, and even no door to seal the house, so they were sent here blindfolded. Ironically, she didn't even know what her new husband looked like, but she was lying in his bed. With the movement of the film, her heart "flops" with the thought of her new husband. She is scared to close her eyes. It's said that the rich can rival the rich. Read the complete story to find out more.....

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  • substitute marriage:my mysterious husband is a magnate

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