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An Understated Dominance Synopsis

In the elevator, Dustin stared at the crystal necklace dejectedly. Even though he had expected it, he was still sad that his marriage had ended just like that. He had once thought that happiness was simple: meals on the table, cheerful days, and simple pleasures. Now, he found out that normalcy was a sin. It was time to awaken from this prolonged daydream.
Suddenly, his phone rang, breaking him out of his trance. When he picked up the phone, a familiar voice came from the other end.
“Mr. Rhys, I’m Hunter Anderson from the Swinton Group. I heard that today your wedding anniversary with Ms. Nicholson, so I’ve prepared a gift for you. I’m just wondering if you have any time today?”
“Thank you Dustin said. for your kindness, but I’m afraid we won’t be needing the gift,”

An Understated Dominance Chapter 1 – 50

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  1. Is that the End of the Novel …Understated Dominance …where is the other parts or are you still working on it stops here at 2199
    Please how can I continue reading .

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