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It was a full moon the night I was born. My mother Amanda was the Luna of the Silver Moon pack. She is a proud and beautiful warrior, a strong mate to my father the Alpha. My mother had already blessed him with a daughter 10 years prior to this birth, my sister Scarlett. Scarlett had the beauty that my mother possessed. Bright red hair, green eyes brighter than the most polished emerald. She was already tall for a ten year old, and showed a great intelligence in school, as well as on the training field. She was both beautiful and intelligent which are both traits revered in the werewolf community. Even though my father already had a star child he was excited for my mother to give birth again. This time she was pregnant with twins. Twins are a rarity in the werewolf world, simply because werewolves have larger babies. I have heard all the stories about how he fawned over my mother her entire pregnancy. Read the complete story to find out more......

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