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My Rejected Billionaire Luna Wife Novel Synopsis

Two years ago, when she saw Alpha Gabriel Stormfang for the first time, she fell in his deep eyes.
She did every means possible to mate him, even leaving her pack and betraying her family.
She lied to Gabriel that she was a rogue, but in fact, she begged her father to allow her to leave for two years.
Her father agreed with an condition– if she could not earn his heart in two years, she had to return home and to help with the family business.
Unfortunately, in the past two years, she hasn’t felt a single ounce of love from Gabriel.
She asked for a divorce.

After the mate bond broken, she returned to her pack, which was actually the most successful pack that had achieved splendid business success in human society, and they also gained great fame among the high classes.
The reversal comes. Right after she left and then Gabriel began to realize his true heart.
However, she was no longer the little woman and weak wolf he used to know.
She suddenly turned to a precious princess and became a breathtakingly attractive and gorgeous lady with excellent abilities that he had never known!
The most important thing, she had already dug and buried the love towards him…

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My Rejected Billionaire Luna Wife Chapter 1 – 5

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