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Novel Synopsis

“My mate.” Ethan growled lowly and said.
As soon as Beth heard it she was so happy. She knew that wolf shifters had mates.
But just as she was going to run into his arms she heard a shriek behind her.
Ashley shoved Beth out of the way and ran into Ethan’s arms gushing “I just knew it! We were meant to be.”

But Ethan pushed her away, “No, I was talking about Beth. She’s my mate.”
“You can’t be serious! That slut can’t be your mate. I mean come on she’s pregnant with someone else.” Ashley shrieked.
I was mortified. How did Ashley know that? What would Ethan think? Would he reject her?


Beth is your average 17 year old high school girl who lives in a world where the supernatural are a common part of everyday life.
One night tragedy strikes and changes her life in more ways than one.
Months later she moves to a new town and school where she meets her mate.
Will her mate accept her past and her future?…..

The Unknown Lycan Princess Chapter 1 – 5

The Unknown Lycan Princess Chapter 6 – 7

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