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Arissa felt a humid, warm breath at the tip of her ear as a man held her from behind. Thrashing reflexively, she tried to break free from his forceful embrace but to no avail. Her eyes brimmed with fear as her body shuddered violently in desperation. She was sold by her own father! “Let me go!” she whimpered before her voice was eventually muffled. “Don’t be scared. I’ll be sure to take responsibility,” the man blurted in a low, husky voice. Sealing Arissa’s mouth with his strong hand, the man proceeded to do whatever he wanted with his frail victim. Nine months later, in a derelict house, the cries of a baby were heard. “Ms. Adams, it’s a boy!” “Take him out of here!” Danna Adams, dressed glamorously, stood outside the makeshift delivery room, pinching her nose as she scowled at the gory scene within. A middle-aged woman who was attending inside suddenly screamed. “What happened?” snapped Danna. Having been waiting for this child for so long, she couldn’t afford any mishap. “Ms. Adams, it’s twins!” gasped the woman as she dashed out from the room, clutching a pair of newborns in her arms. “And both are boys!

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