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He kissed me deeply and I knew in that moment that we would be all right. Snapping the now finished book shut, I sighed. Normally I wasn’t the type of girl who obsessed over romantic stories, but last week changed that. All I’ve been doing is reading these unrealistic romantic stories and obviously imagining myself as the female lead. Who is the male lead, you might be wondering? The same guy who stole my heart four years ago, Hunter Hall. “Aarya, do you want to come grocery shopping with me?” My mom’s unmistakable voice shouted up the stairs. “No, Mom.” I replied. Aarya Bedi, that’s my name. I am nineteen years old, and if you can’t already tell from my name, I am Indian, and yes, I am a werewolf. Currently, I live with my parents, Sid and Tara; they’ve been mated/married for twenty-seven years. My older brother, Sai, is twenty-four and his mate, Zoya, is also twenty-four. Our pack is called Black Moon; I love our community. Everyone knows everyone and growing up here was amazing. Right now, I am training to be a pack doctor; it was always something I wanted to do. Read the full story to discover more....

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