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The Bad Boy I Hate Loves Me Novel is a romantic novel of a boy and girl these two, hate each other. But behind all, the troubling looks of the bad boy are some intentions of good secret desires. It is in portable form for easy access.

Synopsis of The Bad Boy I Hate Loves Me.

The sound of my alarm clock woke me up from my peaceful slumber. I had a long night of studying so you can image how exhausted my body was. Can someone please turn it off.
I stretched out my left leg to place it on the floor, with my eyes still closed I slipped and fell on my flat a$$. I could fall asleep here I thought while I tried to get comfortable on the cold floor.
Beep beep beep…
Okay fine you monster I’m up! I sat up hastily my eyes now half open and slammed my alarm clock harshly offing it in the process. I’m now greeted by total silence. Just the way I like it.

The Bad Boy I Hate Loves Me Chapter 1 – 10

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