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She’s the woman who can bear my child?” “Yes, Master Nicholas. She’s the only one in the entire Brentwood City who is genetically compatible with you.” In the darkness, Tessa Reinhart was half-delirious as she lay on the king-sized bed, clutching and clawing at her thin clothes. She felt as if flames were licking her body, and she whined, “It’s so hot, I can’t stand it…” The door closed with a heavy thud, and a towering figure sauntered over to the bed. Tessa tried to open her eyes to see the person approaching, but all she could make out were the blurry edges of what would otherwise have been a rather chiseled face. Even so, she could still feel the dominance that radiated from the person, and as he drew near, the air around her suddenly grew so dense that she could hardly breathe.

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