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Katty Minj is a simple and honest girl from the countryside. Careless at work and timid as a hare, she cries at the slightest provocation. She’s now working as the secretary of Chris Albert in Harborlean. Every day, she lives the same life, which seems to have nothing particularly exciting or thrilling. However, after getting drunk one night, she somehow got into her boss's room and accidentally slept with him. Chris Albert is a prominent figure in Harborlean, known for his ruthless tactics and merciless bloodlust. Despite his gorgeous face that is envied by both gods and men, no woman dares to have any improper thoughts about him. But one day, after he got drunk, a woman somehow made her way into his room and slept with him. Just when Chris suspected that his stepmother had arranged for this to happen in order to take away his inheritance, he went crazy searching for this woman to get rid of her. At the same time, he noticed that his secretary Katty had a bigger and bigger belly.

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