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On the anniversary of Zeke and Selen’s wedding, tragedy struck when Selen tragically lost her life.
After enduring years of humiliation and mistr**tment during their eight-year marriage, she was ultimately forced out of their home.
Following their divorce, she received a devastating diagnosis of terminal c***er,
spending her final days in the hospital, desperately hoping for Zeke to visit her one last time.

As heavy snow fell on Valentine’s Day, Zeke failed to appear, leaving Selen overwhelmed with regret.
In her despair, she cried out, “Zeke… If only I could turn back time, I would never have fallen in love with you again!”
Determined to avoid repeating her past mistakes, she resolved to break free from every aspect of her life tied to him.

Yet, as she tried to distance herself from Zeke,
he ominously closed in on her step by step, his voice echoing through the corridor like a haunting refrain.
“Selen, we don’t need that leg. I’ll take care of you forever…

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Reborn from Cruelty Chapter 1 – 5

Reborn from Cruelty Chapter 6 – 10

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