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Age of Gestation: Six Weeks I was stunned to see these words on the pregnancy ultrasound result. How could I get pregnant after I had sex with him for only once? What should I do now? If I told Dennis George about it, would he give up divorcing me? No. Instead, he would take me as a shameless woman who used the baby as a lever to manipulate him. I pulled myself together, stuffed the ultrasound report into my bag and walked out of the hospital. There was a shining black Maybach parking out of the hospital building whose driver’s side window was slightly open, and a man’s handsome but grim upper face could be faintly seen through it. Naturally, the fancy car and the attractive man received many stares from passers-by. Admittedly, Dennis was a wealthy and charming man, and I had long got used to it after all these years. So I ignored the strange looks from passers-by and sat on the passenger seat. Dennis, who was resting his mind with his eyes closed, sensed the movement, gave a slight frown and murmured without opening his eyes, “Everything done?” “Yes!” I nodded and handed the signed contract with the hospital to him, adding, “Mr. Pearson sends greetings to you.” Originally, I planned to come to the hospital to sign the contract on my own, but I met Dennis halfway and he insisted on, somehow, giving me a ride. “You’ll take full charge of this case from now on.” Dennis, a man of few words, didn’t take the contract but said to me flatly before starting the car. I nodded in agreement, saying no more. It seemed that I could do nothing else but accept commands and carry out the tasks since I had kept quiet for too long.

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