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Andrea Stevens made up a husband to get a job. Problem is, people at her work want to meet David, her truck driving husband. Her best friend Fiona has a brother called David. Thinking that would easily solve the problem, Andrea decides to hire him on her terms to be her faux husband over the St Valentine's Day weekend. All he has to do is be at her side. How hard could that be? Andrea soon discovers that her 'husband' isn't someone she can use for her own purposes. David has ideas of his own. He wants to see how far he can push her until her control breaks. Cupid and raw male sex appeal. This wasn't part of the plan. "So, my name is David, I drive a truck, and we've been married how long?" The man with the short, blond, spiky hair looked at the woman in query. "Two years." Andrea Stevens figured two years sounded just about the right amount of time for a relationship to be settled yet not so much that the honeymoon stage was long gone. It also allowed for the odd slip-up in case either of them got something wrong. "And are we happy?" Andrea thought about that for a moment. Happy? Was happiness what she needed at the moment? How did that fit into the scheme of things? "I dunno. Is that important?" Would that make this more realistic? He grinned. "It should be if we're married." She steeled herself to not dissolve under his grin—lopsided and cute, with an edge of I-could-be-so-bad-for-you-in-a-good-way. She didn't need that in her life at the moment. She needed a husband for the sudden round of Valentine's day functions she'd been roped into due to work. Sweet Love Catering was all about love. The owners lived and breathed it. They saw the world in loving couples and made sure any event they catered was a love extravaganza in epic pink and red I-love-you heart proportions.

My Fake Husband Chapter

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