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“Lucian, I’ve been married to you for three years, but you’ve never once touched me. I’ll
give my blessing to you and your first crush by giving up on our marriage. Tomorrow,
you’re free to go after her. But for now, just make it up to me for my feelings for you all
these years, please?”
With that said, Roxanne Jarvis leaned down and pressed her lips to the man before her
as though she was a moth drawn to fire. Her action was both frenzied and desperate.
She knew this was a despicable move, but she had loved him for too long.
All the while, she had suffered greatly, and now, all she wanted was a little consolation.
“Roxanne, how dare you!”
Lucian Farwell clenched his jaw as his fury sprang to life. His handsome face was as
black as thunder.
He wanted to push her away, but the mounting desire in his body was too
overpowering. It threatened to burn away all his capacity for reason.
How dare she scheme against me?
“I’m afraid of nothing…”
A lone drop of tear slipped out of the corner of Roxanne’s eye. Her kisses grew rapid as
her inexperienced hands fumbled around his body hastily.
All she wanted was to own him entirely for once.
A wave of fury crashed through Lucian.
Alas, things weren’t under his control.
Soon, his instincts took over. As his body burned up, he lost his rationale completely.
The next day, Roxanne woke up at dawn.
Tamping down on her discomfort, she got out of bed and put on her clothes. After that,
she pulled out the divorce agreement she had prepared from the drawer and placed it
on the bedside table. Before leaving, she gazed at the man in the bed.
“Lucian, I’ll set you free. From today onward, we shall go on separate ways. We will
have nothing to do with each other anymore,” Roxanne murmured.
She averted her gaze and turned to leave.
Her heart was full of bitterness and anguish as she stepped out of the Farwell
Roxanne had loved Lucian for seven years.
She had a crush on him from her teenage years until her university days, so her biggest
wish was to be his wife.
Alas, Lucian despised her the moment she married into his family.
Back then, his grandfather was critically ill and needed a joyous occasion to hopefully
ward off the bad luck. As luck would have it, she was selected to be Lucian’s wife.
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Mission To Remarry Chapter 1 – 20

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