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Novel Synopsis

In the previous life, Leslie Byrd was so cowardly, gullible and stupid
that she was coaxed by her fiance and stepsister and then lost everything including her fortune, love and even life.
However, she was so lucky that she was reborn in the year before everything happened.
Since her life restarted, how could she repeat a previous tragedy?
Therefore, in this life, she took the opportunity to improve herself and take revenge on the ones who had ever insulted her.

But Carlos Lester could see through her tricks eveytime and proposed to collaborate with her, no way, she could sense that this man was a dangerous one…
And trully, he is, but way more than that. He made the four greatest families that were rumored to be at odds all doted on her.
And even a mysterious big clan welcomed her back home.
With a smile, the most handsome man walked to her side and put his arm around her waist.
He then said, “Let me give a brief introduction. Guys, meet my beautiful wife.”
Leslie couldn’t believe her ears. What in the freaking world!…

Meet Her Mr. Right after Rebirth Chapter 1 – 8

Meet Her Mr. Right after Rebirth Chapter 9 – 13

Meet Her Mr. Right after Rebirth Chapter 14 – 18

Meet Her Mr. Right after Rebirth Chapter 19 – 20

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