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Novel Synopsis

At the heart of the story lies Cassandra Yates, a woman whose life takes a tragic turn when she meets her demise at the hands of her own sister.
However, death is just the beginning for Cassandra as she finds herself reborn,
gifted with a second chance at life. But this newfound life is fraught with betrayal and deceit as she unravels the dark truths about her family’s sinister machinations.

As Cassandra navigates the complexities of her rebirth, she forges an unlikely alliance with Kenneth Zelinski, a formidable figure feared by many.
Together, they embark on a journey of redemption and revenge, determined to confront the ghosts of Cassandra’s past and rewrite her destiny.

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How Death Became My Rebirth Chapter 1 – 9

How Death Became My Rebirth Chapter 10 – 14

How Death Became My Rebirth Chapter 15

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