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From Chapter 1 of Four or Dead by G O A I am standing in front of my full length mirror trying to decide the best way to hide the scars that litter the skin along my back and neck. Thankfully, the new bruises I had acquired were along my ribs and could easily be hidden under my shirt. So my old scars were the ones hard to hide, but I had to try. My father didn’t like rumors floating around about us especially since he was a valued member of our community. We lived in an upscale neighborhood thanks to my father’s successful company, but it was a version of hell on earth. My father was a monster in these four walls, and a god among men in the real world. I wish I could say that his hatred toward me began because of my mother’s death, that he just couldn’t stand looking at me and that was why he hurt me. The fact is, he hated me the moment I was born. He hated me the moment the doctor said, ‘It’s a girl’. Because he wanted a son to become heir of his company and all the shady activity he did under the name of his legitimate business. Mom didn’t give him what he wanted, and because he beat her near an inch of her life the moment they brought me home, she never wanted to get pregnant again. The stress of my father’s abuse made it too hard for her to even stand his touch. And when he found out that she had secretly taken preventive measures to never get pregnant again, she had signed her death sentence. She died in a so-called accident, but I know that was a lie. She had ruined my father’s chance at having a son, and he killed her for it.

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