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Feel The Way You Feel, My Love is a Chinese novel that has been translated and popularised by some English translation apps for readers to read and also download if they wish to. Feel The Way You Feel, My Love is a true romantic story which carries the emblem of love and empathy. Feel The Way You Feel, My Love is one of those stories you are certain it will impact your love life positively. I will be posting all the chapters of Feel The Way You Feel, My Love so make sure you check on time to be able to read and download it if you wish. When Natalie Smith opened her eyes, it was already 3 a.m. A man was lying beside her with his face away from her, appearing to be deeply asleep. Looking at his bare back, she recalled what happened a few hours ago. Just the thought of how he had taken her five times last night had her cheeks blushing a bright red in embarrassment.How does this guy have so much stamina? Ugh… great, now even walking will hurt. She moved silently away from the bed while struggling to endure the pain shooting through her. Gritting her teeth, she put her clothes back on and slowly made her way out of the presidential suite, taking all her belongings with her. Just as she exited the room, a figure stepped in front of her and stopped her in her tracks. “So how did it go? Is the deed done?” It was her paternal half-sister – Jasmine Smith. “Yup,” Natalie replied with a nod. “Are you sure he didn’t see your face?” Jasmine pressed urgently. After all, the man inside the room was supposed to be the chief judge of the Fashion Contest – Sid Luft, a man in his fifties. Earlier, he promised Jasmine that she would be the winner of the contest, but on one condition – that she had to sleep with him for one night. It just so happened that Natalie was in desperate need of money at that moment. Thus, she made a deal with Jasmine – that she would take her place in return for one million.

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