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Since you know those cute nipples of yours are one of my favorite parts of your body. Then keep pleasuring them for me, my love. Don’t stop until they are very erect and probably a bit red. Just like the way they look whenever I’m done sucking and teasing the hell out of them.” “That’s my girl!” He commended when he heard a louder moan from her. “Now repeat the same step for the other nipple.” He instructed and she did just that. “Ready for the next step?” He asked, She nodded. But, remembering it was a voice and not a video call, she replied. “Yes, baby.” Her breath was heavy. “Good. Slowly caress your body down to your bikini area. Do it with the imagination of me showering soft kisses all over your body. Do not touch your pussy until I tell you so. “Okay!” Mia swallowed painfully and got to work. And the more she moaned, the more Colton spoke dirty of her which made her moan even more.

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