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Starting from chapter one, we will regularly update the chapters here. The readers can choose to read any chapter for free at any time. All you have to do is tap the relevant button and it will take you to the text directly. It is a tale of struggles and deceptions right from the start. Selena finds her childhood lover having an affair with her own sister. Though she thinks she is pregnant with his child, but the story is more complicated than it seems at the beginning. Selena has struggled from the very beginning. She was abandoned and raised by some strangers until she was reunited with her real family. Though, she was not welcomed wholeheartedly. For the love of her life, she gave up on her aspirations for life. Cruel Heart Lover Novel Read Online Selena wanted to be an actress. She has all the potential to have a successful career in this regard. But her dreams are on the back burner because she has prioritized her lover over everything else. However, life has other plans for her.

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