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The story began in the Northwest, where a huge castle-like mansion stood on a vast stretch of grassland. It looked so much like a kind of Shangri-La that anybody who came here couldn’t help but sigh in wonder at its magnificence. At this moment, a young lady’s clear and melodious voice was heard from the mansion. “What? No way! No way am I going to Athesea to get engaged!” “It’s not up to you, Elise. Your engagement had been arranged by the Griffiths and me quite a few years ago. The five sons of the Griffith Family are all very fine gentlemen, and all you need to do is pick one of them to get engaged to. Don’t worry; you’ll certainly find one of them to your liking.” Elise Sinclair leaned back on the sofa, her wavy hair hanging loosely behind her neck. Her features were delicate and enchanting, and every pore in her body exuded an air that set her apart from everyone else. Read the complete story for details..

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