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Last night, I had a s*x with a strange man. I’m not a random woman. I did this because I was too sad yesterday. The boyfriend who had been in love with me for three years said that I was not gentle, considerate, and sexy. Then he turned around and went to England with a rich girl. Although I’m very strong in front of my friends, I’m really sad. In order to ease my mood, I went to the bar alone and drank a lot. I met that man in the bar. I don’t even remember his appearance. At this time, I heard the sound of running water. It was the sound of him taking a shower in the bathroom. I slowly opened my eyes. It was a luxurious guest room. The morning sun shone on the messy sheets, underwear, clothes, and shoes on the carpet. I looked down at the clear kiss marks on the na*ed body under the quilt, and there was a faint pain in my lower body. All of this reminded me of the intensity between me and that strange man last night. I grabbed my long hair, and some memory fragments rushed into my mind. Almost all of them were pictures of me being pressed under the man’s body and violently hit. It had to be said that men’s skills were not bad…

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