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Billionaire’s Wrong Bride Novel Synopsis

8 years ago…​

Mia’s pov.

Rain was pouring down outside and here my mother’s eyes were flooding inside of our house.

It was past midnight and my father hadn’t come yet .
My mother was cleaning the kitchen about nth times just to kill the time while waiting for her husband and sobbing in her tears.

A sound of switching of a car’s engine came and the doors of the car opened and closed with a thud and the sound of footsteps grew louder.

Door was jerked open and the huge frame of my father came into sight. He was holding a beautiful lady in his arms.
I didn’t like seeing her with my father. She was literally clinging on to him.

He entered the house and threw his gaze on my mother, full of disgust .
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Billionaire’s Wrong Bride Chapter 1 – 5

Billionaire’s Wrong Bride Chapter 6 – 10

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