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Amy was busy with her laptop when her phone suddenly chirped, she almost ignored cause of how engrossed she was but decided to take a look at the screen of the phone at a time when the call was almost coming to an end. Seeing that the caller ID was her husband’s secretary, Joan, she picked up the phone quickly as she wondered why she must have called him. She only saved Joan’s number cause she’s her husband’s secretary and on days when she may not be able to reach her husband, Callan, at work, she would simply call Joan to pass the phone to him. But this time was the first time that Joan would be placing a call across to her. She answered the call as she placed the phone gently on her ear, but the filthy sounds she heard left her flabbergasted and troubled. She had to look at the screen of the phone again to be sure that it was Joan that pulled a call across, she placed the phone on her ear again and heard the same filthy sounds, they were hard and loud moans that depicts clearly that someone was having a heavy round of s*x with her.

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