A Second Chance With My Billionaire Love Novel Read/Download Online.

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A Second Chance With My Billionaire Love Novel Synopsis

As soon as Rena burst inside the house, she found Eloise sitting on the sofa in a daze.
Her eyes were red, as though she had been crying.
Rena looked around and asked anxiously, “What happened, Eloise? Where’s Dad?”
Eloise was the second wife of Rena’s father.
She couldn’t help but break down at the mention of her husband.
“Harold is so cruel! When the Moore Group was in trouble a few years ago, you never gave up on him. Now that the Moore Group has gained its footing, he not only dumped you but even tried to send your father to prison! Your father is now in the detention center because of that ungrateful boy”……

A Second Chance With My Billionaire Love Chapter 1 – 5

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